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Training is very important to our company. An informed, knowledgeable partner helps us deliver the solutions that are required to address and resolve issues that they may face; safely and in an expeditious manner. Please come to this page to view past recorded webinars and other training videos, thank you.

Past Webinars

Heat Trace Webinar Series

Heat Trace Series - 4 Part Series - 30 mins. each
Series 1: How to get started on heat trace selection, estimating tips, navigating through the specification section, click here
Series 2: Applications Solutions; where you can sell (or up-sell) your services, click here
Series 3: Design Strategy, and Tools, click here

Series 4: Installation Tips and Troubleshooting, click here

Fike Rupture Disc Webinar Series

Rupture Disc Series - 2 Part Series - 1 hr. each

Series 1: Introduction to Rupture Discs (Design, Applications, and Holders), click here

Series 2: Common Rupture Disc Issues & Questions - Installation and Maintenance, click here

Fike  Explosion Protection Webinar Series

Explosion Protection Series - 3 Part Series - 1 hr. each

Series 1: Overview of NFPA Standards on the Fundamentals of Combustible Dust, click here

Series 2: Explosion Venting Solutions - Sizing, Vent Types, Applications, click here

Series 3: Explosion Isolation and Suppression Solutions, Active and Passive Isolation, Chemical Suppression and Controls. click here


Training Videos

Overpressure Protection

An introduction to overpressure protection - 5 min.

How does Industry Protect People and Property From Excess Pressure, click here

Explosion Protection

Dust Explosion Hazards - 8 min.

An introduction to Dust Explosion Hazards, click here

Heat Trace Video Series

​Heat Trace Introductory Series

Series 1: Heat Trace, What is that? 8 min.  click here

Series 2: Heat Trace , The advantages and disadvantages of heat trace! 12 min.  click here

Series 3: Heat Trace, The secret life of components. 15 min.  click here

Series 4: Heat Trace, Controllers & Methods. 18 min.  click here

Series 5: Heat Trace, Snow Melt Solutions! 20 min.   click here

Series 6: Heat Trace, Testing & Warranty. 7 min.  click here

Valve Actuation

Biffi Control Schematic Introduction - 12 min. click here

Actuator Sizing and Specifications - 1hr. click here

Control Valve Reliability Training - 32 min. click here

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