Overpressure & Explosion Protection

The Dale Prentice Company, through our partnerships with Farris, Fike, Kunkle, Protego and other manufacturers, providing Overpressure and Explosion Protection solutions; safeguarding process systems from overpressure scenarios — ensuring people, valuable equipment and operations are safe.

Prentice Offers:


  • Pressure Relief Valves

  • Smart Pressure Relief Systems

  • Rupture Discs

  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)

  • Parts, Service & Repair


  • Explosion Isolation

  • Explosion Suppression

  • Explosion Venting

  • Explosion Hazard Testing

View the Protego webinar on "Tank Farm Pressure Protection: Industry Standards & Working Principles"

Click Here

Protego webinar with Q&A pdf Click Here


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