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Electric Heat Tracing & Control

The Dale Prentice Company, through our partnership with nVent and other manufacturers, can provide Heat Trace Solutions for any applications.


As the inventor of self-regulating heat tracing technology, nVent RAYCHEM solutions are globally recognized as a leading provider of complete electrical trace heating systems. Next to their range of heating cables, they offer a full suite of control and monitoring products and connected solutions for virtually any application.

Prentice Offers:

Electric Heat Tracing & Control

  • Pipe Freeze Protection

  • Process Temperature Maintenance 

  • Tank Heating

  • Monitoring, Sensors & Controls

  • Heat Trace System Design

  • Parts, Service & Repair


  • Leak Detection

  • Fire Rated Wiring

  • Medium and High Voltage Connections

Go to our Training-Video page to see these past webinars and informational videos listed below, click here

  • Heat Trace Webinar Series

  • Introduction To Heat Trace Video Series

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